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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

This looks brilliant and it's due out February 2015. PAWSCOUT Pet Finder

Worth keeping a close eye on this exciting technology, it’s certainly less invasive than a microchip.

Smartphone owners who download the Pawscout app will be alerted when a lost pet wearing a tag strays near them.

The battery-powered tags, which cost £19, send out a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by smartphones up to 200ft away. If an owner loses their pet, they can flag them on the app as missing, which activates the finding function.

If the app detects a lost pet, the finder automatically receives details about the animal and the owners contact information. The owner receives a notification, including the location of their lost dog.

The app stores health, behavioral and dietary information about each dog you have, allowing a finder to care for a lost dog before they are reunited with their owner.

Pawscoat also allows owners to set up a “virtual leash” that alerts them when their animal strays outside a predefined boundary.

The Pawscout tag itself is powered by a standard watch battery that should last a year, and the app will warn you before the battery dies. The back of the device can also be patterned or engraved, like a normal pet tag. It attaches to a collar, or you can buy a separate flush mount so the tag lies flat against your pet’s neck instead of dangling.


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