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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Do you want a supplier of raw ingredients that is ethically sourced?


This ethical, family-run company can provide you with a range of ethically sourced raw ingredients all purchased from local farmers.

Free - range meat, wild meat, and organic meat, the choice changes according to the season but generally includes carcasses (chicken, turkey, duck etc.), raw meaty bones, heart (ox, lamb, beef etc.), liver, tripe (washed in water), chicken wings, necks (chicken, turkey etc.).

All of the raw ingredients are farm assured; no factory farmed animals, bought locally and passes the ‘suitable for human consumption’ test.

They can also make your dog’s food to order. This means they can adjust the ingredients and quantities to suit his or her needs. All their recipes have been designed and approved by their own Chief Veterinary Surgeon.

For more information please call or email.

Honeys Real Dog Food

Trial offer available – please mention Vicky’s Dog Care.

Telephone : 01672 620 260

Email : info@honeysrealdogfood.com

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