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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Welcome Dottie WestiePoo to Vicky's Dog Care

Dottie is only a baby at 4 months old; she has such a sweet nature. Unfortunately her coat was not in good condition, it was very knotted and matted. Sadly it was a case of taking it short and starting again.

For such a young dog she was quite amazing. Nothing fazed her. I wouldn't usually use a clipper on such a youngster but the clipper didn't scare her what's so ever. The sound of the clipper, the bath, shower and high-powered dryer, Dottie took it all in her stride.

By the end of her grooming session she was falling asleep on the table. She is really quite adorable.
I will be seeing her regularly. It is always such a treat grooming a dog from such a young age and watching them grow up.
So many of my canine customers I have groomed from puppyhood to old age. It is such a privilege. 

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